Connects as a Strategy


The Connects platform helps us facilitate your customer strategy. Connects is the Digital solution that enables campaign activation across multiple users through local engagement to improve how their message is communicated. We provide quality data and insight to personalise the communication and localise the message.

Simply put:



We Activate

At Precision we’re all about keeping it simple. We efficiently activate marketing campaigns, adding the final pieces to the advertising puzzle. Our in-house data consultants blend a pro-active agency bureau service with over 20 year’s expertise in print and digital communications.


We Engage

We’re here to evolve your marketing into a cost-effective media strategy. Our bespoke solutions focus on engagement opportunities, accessing both offline and digital communications. Taking your campaigns from start to finish, Connects provides new opportunities resulting in higher brand awareness and sales opportunities.


We Communicate

Precision utilises data from one of the world’s leading consumer insight specialists, CACI, enabling access to over 500 different behaviour characteristics. We direct the communication to new audiences through behavioural insight, knowledge-led profiling and technology solutions. Creating a supported journey for performance growth, Connects Agency aims to bring together brands and audiences.



We have talented experts that provide the skills needed to support the Connects programme. We own our print, mailing and fulfilment, all of which is housed under one solar powered roof.